My name is Waldo van Bokhoven (1962) and I studied at the St. Joost Academy of Visual Arts in Breda. I graduated with top honours in 1987.  

 Following internships at Total Design and TelDesign, where I eventually began my career, I later moved to Code Communication & Design in 's-Hertogenbosch. 
In 1993 I set up my own design business, BOWfor, with a focus on graphical and spacial design, and later extended this to include online design. 

 In all my design work, I’m always looking for aspects beyond the two-dimensional. Bringing creative, graphical ability to the discipline of architecture,
you could say. Or the other way around. Examples of this can be seen in my personal studies and exploratory designs ‘Under Construction’
and in my other passion (the bicycle) in ‘By Bike’.

I am specialized in corporate visual identity and communications, managing the entire process from creative concept to delivery
of the final material, be that a printed mailer, a digital presentation or a complete website. 

 In my free time I love strolling through nature, camera at the ready. I walk along river banks, around islands, through open fields, all the while taking
photographs and observing or imagining new structures inspired by nature’s forms.

 My other interests include: exploring the remote landscapes of north western Europe (Iceland, Scandinavia, Scotland, Ireland); studying age old cultures; and reading about geology, geography, architecture, history, biology, structures, patterns and constructions.